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Deposit Policy

A tattoo deposit is required after your consultation with your artist to secure your appointment and must be paid before beginning work on a tattoo design. The amount of the deposit can equal one or two of the artist's hourly rate, depending on the size and detail of the tattoo. Typically, hourly rates vary by artist and currently range from $100 to $250 per hour.


Please note, that the deposit for Cali Brown is $500. He does not pre-draw any designs. His designs are created at your first appointment.

  • All tattoo deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.

  • For multi-session tattoos, your deposit will be held until the final session and applied toward the amount due at that time.

Your Promise;

Upon paying a deposit to an artist at Monumental Ink, I am acknowledging that I have communicated my design idea to the artist to my satisfaction and have reviewed the artists prior works to decide that the artist has the ability to execute my design idea to my satisfaction. I understand that creating a tattoo design based on a client's concept is subjective, and that variations may exist between my idea and conceptualization. If the finished design is not to my satisfaction minor changes can and will be made at the artists discretion at a later date and time. 

Deposit Forfeiture

I will forfiet my deposit should any of the following occur:

  • I DO NOT appear for a scheduled tattoo appointment.

  • I arrive more then ONE HOUR late to my scheduled appointment without communication with my artist and confirmation from my artist. 

  • I have RESCHEDULED three or more time for my session regardless of notice of confirmation. 

  • I fail to reschedule a previously canceled appointment within 30 days of a cancelled appointment.

  • I cancel or reschedule an appointment without giving at least 48 HOUR notice.

  • Deposit Forfeiture for CALI BROWN: If I cancel an appointment without giving at least a SEVEN DAY NOTICE. Please note that appointment availability could be up to five or six months, if you do not have a secondary date already booked. 

Billing Policy

You will be billed at the previously discussed and agreed upon artists hourly rate. 

Booking Information

There are numerous ways to contact us or the artist directly. Please visit our ARTIST PAGE to connect with your artist of choice. If you are unsure which artist you would like to use or your have more questions please call or stop by Monumental Ink. It is your responsibility to book, keep and confirm your appointment with your artist.


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